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Packaging Capabilities

Packaging Capabilities

Compartment BagCompartment          Compartment 1              Compartment 2             Compartment 3

                            • Ideal to separate contents within a bag through the use of a vertical heat seal.
                            • No limit of compartments.
                            • Available with zip.

Gusset BagGusset

• Provides a flat surface to seat bulky items.
• May promote better stacking within a shipping
• Capability to produce bottom gusset only.


Sombrero Hang Hole BagHang Hole

• Available on any bag structure and type for
  any application that requires the product to
  be displayed to improve visibility.
• Round hang hole and sombrero shapes are
  "standard", but custom shapes are available.
• SCS can place any number of hang holes
  that are required to most bag structures.

Hang Hole                                                                       


• Allows open top bags, longer than 36", to be
  manufactured on the SCS bag machines
  instead of the bag having to be hand-made
  - making them more economical with
  shortened lead-times.
• Generally made with no markings.
• Available in most bag structures.


Open BagOpen

• Ideal for a more permanent seal.
• Ideal for automatic bag-sealing machines.
• Can be folded or secured with ESD tape or
  ESD label.
• Cost-effective.


Tamper EvidentTamper Evident
• Also known as our "rip top" bag.
• The bag is created with a soft fold at the top
  of the bag, with tear notches and a zipper.
• The bottom of the bag is open.
• The zipper allows the customer to use the
  bag again.
• Product is loaded into the bag from the bottom
  and then heat sealed.
• To access the product, the customer rips the
  top off the bag above the zipper.
• Rip top barrier bags can be vacuum sealed.
• The maximum length of rip top bags is 15                     Tamper Evident
  inches from the opening to the zipper.
• Available in all bag structures, except
  Dri-Shield® 3000 and Dri-Shield® 2700.

Tamper Resistant BagTamper Resistant

• Once heat sealed, the bag ensures security
  of contents until opened by using convenient
  tear notches.

Tamper Resistant                                                                 

Tape Top BagTape Top

• SCS's tape top bags offer a self-sealing
  tape closure that is reusable for multiple uses.
• They are easy to open and do not require a
  heat sealer to close.
• To close the bag, simply peel and remove
  the paper backing and fold the flap closed.
• Open the bag by lifting the flap.

Tape Top                                                                        

Tube BagTube

• Cut to length special size bags for odd
  shaped or extra-large products.
• We can wind a roll to the max width of a
  20" opening.
• Eliminates the need to stock an expensive
  variety of bags.


ZipTop BagZipTop

• Can be opened and closed repeatedly to
  simplify access.
• Wide range of sizes from 2" - 39" wide x
  2" - 35" long.
• Static shield protection when the zippers are
• Available in all bag structures, except
  Dri-Shield® 3000 and Dri-Shield® 2700.


3 Side Seal Bag3 Side Seal

• For automatic bag-sealing machines and
  applications that specify this additional seal
  in lieu of the standard SCS soft-folded bag
• Available in all bag structures.

3 Side Seal                                                                       

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