SMP Qualification Checklist

Address 2:
Zip/Postal Code:
ESD Coordinator:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
End User IT Technician:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
Facility Contact Name:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
SCS Rep:
Phone Number:
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1. What is the CDM ESD sensitivity of the components manufactured?

2. Is the End User compliant to the following standards?
3. How many operators does the End User have in production per day/per shift?

4. How many production facilities does the End User have worldwide?

5. How many SMT lines are in place at the End User’s facility?

6. What all is included on the SMT line?

7. How many work benches are in place?

8. What type of monitoring is being requested?

9. What industry does the End User manufacture for?

10. What type of company is the End User?

11. Is there currently a Process Control plan in place?

12. Does the End User use ionization?

13. If Yes, what type of ionization is being used?

14. Would the End User be interested in a demo via Go-To-Meeting?