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Static Shielding Bags, Tubing and Film

The SCS Static Shielding Bag prevents penetration from electrostatic charge and discharge. They are designed to provide a static safe environment for ESD Sensitive devices such as printed circuit boards. They are used for the shipment and/or storage of ESD sensitive items including outside ESD protected areas.

SCS Metallized Shielding bags are constructed from a metalized polyester film and a low charging polyethylene laminate. This provides the bags with a shielding layer that creates a Faraday cage protecting the ESD sensitive components within the bag from possible ESD event damage. All SCS Shielding Bags have Discharge Shielding capabilities of less than 10nJ.

In addition to the Shielding Bags found in this range, we also carry the following specialist Shielding bag ranges:


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