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New Product Notifications - Archived
770768 Glove Constant Area and Force Electrode - Glove Tester (June 2020)Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards (June 2020)770067-770069 WS Aware Dual-Wire Constant Monitor with Power Relay (May 2020)770052 Workstation Diagnostic Kit (April2020)1964 Series Conductive Vinyl Flooring (November 2019)770051 ESD Event Diagnostic Kit (November 2019)Shielding and Moisture Barrier Film (November 2019)770724 724 Plus Workstation Monitor (October 2019)770718 Air Ionizer Test Kit (August 2019)770050 SMP Diagnostic Kit (May 2019)770066 EM Aware Monitor (May 2019)770077 and 770078 18 inch wide R3 Series Rolls (April 2019)770045 EOS/ESD Assessment Kit (April 2019)770758 Dual Combination Tester (April 2019)770042 Multi-Ground Hub (April 2019)770757 Two-Point Resistance Probe (March 2019)770760 Resistance Pro Meter Kit (March 2019)770076 WSMONITOR2 Plus Verification Tester (October 2018)8900 Series Dissipative Rubber Worksurface Mat Kits and Rolls (September 2018)Ion Pro™ Overhead Ionizer with LED Lighting (June 2018)R3 Series Dissipative Rubber ESD Tray Liners (June 2018)497AJH HEPA ESD Service Vacuum (May 2018)770005 Charge Plate Analyzer (March 2018)R3 Dissipative Rubber Worksurface Mat in Dark Blue (February 2018)Dual-Wire Static Control Smocks (January 2018)Concentric Ring Probe (November 2017)MagSnap 360™ Dual-Wire Thermoplastic Wrist Strap (October 2017)770065 Verification Tester (October 2017)R3 Dissipative Rubber Worksurface Matting (July 2017)770060 Ground Master Monitor with Ethernet Connectivity (May 2017)770063 EM Aware Monitor with Ethernet Connectivity (April 2017)770061, 770062 WS Aware Monitor with Ethernet Connectivity (April 2017)WSMONITOR2 Plus Workstation Monitor (February 2017)MIL-PRF-81705E Type III, Class 2 - Bags and Film (January 2017)Dual Combination Tester (January 2017)Combo Tester (December 2016)497 Series Vacuums (December 2016)2300R Series: Cushioned Static Shielding Bag (August 2016)