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ESD Event Detection

SCS manufactures three different ESD Event Detection Meters and Monitors that allow you to identify ESD incidents throughout your manufacturing process. There are two handheld meter models and a continuous monitoring device. All of which are designed to detect and count ESD events that can damage sensitive components and cause tool lockups, erratic behavior and parametric errors. Once you can detect ESD Events, you can carry out diagnostics to determine what is causing them, and then you can put a solution in place. 

ESD Event Diagnosis 

One method of diagnosing where an ESD Event is coming from in your manufacturing process is the triangulation method. This uses three EM Aware Monitors, placed apart around where you originally found your ESD event. You can then determine where the event is coming from and zone in by seeing which monitor picks up the strongest ESD event. This method is particularly useful for determining where ESD Events are occurring within an SMT line. You can find this being demonstrated in this video.