When a person walks across a floor, a triboelectric charge builds up on the body due to the contact and separation between the shoe and the floor material. This static charge on the person, and potentially what they are handling, will eventually result in Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) when they encounter an object at a different electrical potential.

Conductive or Dissipative flooring, known as ESD Flooring, is used to thwart this generator of static charge and ESD. However, the flooring alone will not solve the issue, it needs to be used as part of a system known in ANSI/ESD S20.20 as the “Footwear/Flooring System”. Below you will find examples of what is needed effectively ground operators via an ESD Floor. You’ll notice that is not a one-and-done process, both parts of the Footwear/Flooring System and the system together need to be tested regularly to ensure continued compliance.


Conductive ESD Vinyl Tile

8432 - ESD Vinyl Tile, Conductive, White, 3.2mm, 12 in x 12 in

  • Resilient ESD High Gloss, Durable Vinyl Tile
  • Precision Cut
  • Low-Cost Maintenance
  • Electrical Resistance: 2.5 x 104 to < 1 x 106 ohms
Cup Style Foot Grounders in use

Cup Style Foot Grounders (Two Soles)

2044 - Bulk Economy Heel Grounding Assembly with one Megohm Resistor

  • Tab to Cup Resistance: 1 x 106 to < 1 x 108 ohms at 100 volts tested per ESD SP9.2 & ESD TR53
  • 24 Inch Conductive 8-Strand Nylon Polyester Grounding Tab
  • High Visibility Yellow Glow Fastening System
Cup Style Foot Grounders
Resistance Pro Meter in use

Resistance Pro Meter

770760 - Resistance Pro Meter Kit

  • Digital Compliance Verification Surface Resistance Meter Kit
  • Resistance Range: 1.0 x 103 to 1.0 x 1012 ohms
  • Large OLED Display, Internal Memory Measurement Stability Modes, and More!
Resistance Pro Meter
Combo Tester

Combo Tester

770031 - Combo Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester with Stand

  • Tests operator’s resistance loop; wrist strap limits 750 kilohms to 10 megohms; footwear limits 750 kilohms to 100 megohms
  • Separate test circuits for testing both wrist straps and foot grounders
Combo Tester
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