In the past, the focus of ESD Control has been on controlling Human Body Model (HBM) ESD Events at the work bench. However, times are changing and many company’s have adequate measures in place to control ESD Events at the workbench. Additionally, increasingly more manufacturing is being carried out by machinery. So, we must ask ourselves; are we paying equal attention to our SMT line (our machinery) as we are the workbench and personnel? With less information out there on controlling ESD at the SMT line, this article aims to give a little more insight on what is required.

As you may know, the main principles of controlling ESD in the ESD Protected Area (EPA) are to ground all conductors and remove or neutralize insulators with ionizers. However, this can be easier said than done with an SMT line; which is where continuous monitoring can come in. With the Ground Master Monitor you can ensure the conductive parts of your machines are grounded at all times, with the EM Aware Monitor you can ensure there are no static charges than can lead to ESD Events (which are also being monitored for), and with the WS Aware Monitor you can ensure your operators at the line are grounded at all times.As well as ESD to contend with, you also have Electrical Overstress (EOS) to consider. The WS Aware and Ground Master are also monitoring for EMI on metal ground, and the WS Aware is monitoring for overvoltage on the operator. Both of these parameters could be causing EOS to your Sensitive Devices.

For more information on controlling ESD and EOS at the SMT line, why not request an EOS/ESD Assessment.

770066 - EM Aware Monitor

  • ESD Event Continuous Monitor
    Detects and measures the unique waveform generated by ESD events
  • NEW Ionizer Compatibility Range and Interchangeable Ionizer Antenna
    Monitors ionizers with a balance (offset voltage) of ±40 V or better
  • Ethernet & Modbus Connectivity

770068 - WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor

  • NEW SCS 770069 Power Relay Compatibility
  • Dual Workstation Continuous Monitor
    Continuously monitors the path-to-ground integrity of two operators,
    two conductive or dissipative worksurfaces, and two metal tools
  • Ethernet Connectivity
    Provides network communication with Static Management Program

770044 - Ground Master Monitor

  • Equipment Ground Continuous Monitor
  • NEW 7-24VDC Power Input Terminals
    Pairs with voltage sources commonly found inside machinery and
    eliminates the need for a power adapter
  • Ethernet & Modbus Connectivity

CTM051 - Ground Pro Meter

  • Verifies Critical Grounding Parameters of a Facility
  • Provides Accurate Measurements of Ground Impedance on a Working Tool
  • Identifies Potential EOS Generators

770720 - Portable Charged Plate Monitor

  • Handheld Meter for Measuring Offset Voltage and Discharge Times of Air Ionizers
  • 180 Degree Rotary Head with 2.75” x 1.25” Plate
  • Zero Point Adjustment Button

770716 - Static Sensor

  • Portable Meter for Testing of Electrostatic Fields
  • Chopper-Stabilized Sensor
  • Dissipative Enclosure with 7 mm Ground Snap

9900 - Anti Fatigue Rubber Mat

  • Enable workers to stand comfortably for long periods
  • Reversible Conductive Rubber Floor Matting
  • Rtt: < 1 x 106 ohms per ANSI/ESD 7.1 and ESD TR53
  • Low Profile

2044 - Economy Dual Cup Heel Grounder

  • High Visibility Yellow Glow Fastening System
  • 24 Inch Conductive 8-Strand Nylon Polyester Grounding Tab
  • One Megohm Current Limiting Resistor

NEW 770116 - Ion Pro™ Benchtop Ionizer

  • Steady-state DC Benchtop Ionizer with Ion Gauge™ Technology to yield optimal neutralization efficiency
  • Dual-balance Sensors to provide long-term stabilization
  • Ethernet Connectivity provides communication with Static Management Program software to collect and report the statuses for balance and discharge time

960 - Mini Air Ionizer

  • In-Tool Ionizer with Steady-State DC Emitters
  • Compact Size (4.5" H x 3.3" W x 2.0" D with Bracket)
  • Less Than 4 Seconds Discharge Time with ±20 Volts Offset Voltage (Balance)
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